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We are a non-profit that provides sliding scale therapy over the phone or Internet. Nobody turned away for lack of funds. Set up a consultation appointment today.

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If you have time and skills to offer, and feel called to join our inspiring and diverse community we would love to talk with you.

You can use the email form at the bottom of the contact page to start the conversation with us.

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As a grassroots community based 501c3 nonprofit, we depend entirely upon private donations from people like you and sliding scale fees to cover our expenses.

Everyone struggles sometimes... In a troubled & complex world, where can we make a difference? Perhaps the most effective place to start is within ourselves... Welcome to a community dedicated to that effort

Professional counseling

We offer professional counseling and psychotherapy for adults, youth, children, families, and groups. Therapy services are provided by California licensed clinicians and interns.

Our Approach

At the Liberation Institute our approach is co-creative, compassionate, open-minded, and holistic.

Our Process

We start with a confidential and non-judgmental consultation. If you choose to work with us, we will match you with someone based on your needs. Consultations are available to everyone.

Our fees

All services are offered on a wide sliding scale. The Liberation Institute is committed to offering therapy and services to the entire community. While we do have fees and suggested donations, no one is ever turned away for lack of funds. Fees are discussed and determined on an individual basis in the initial consultation session.

Weekly Support Group

Weekly group therapy focused on offering a safe, collaborative space for general support.
November 30, 2021/by Luka

Jungian Dream Inquiry and Analysis Group

Let's take the time to inquire into our dreams. Tuning into our dreams is a practice, like yoga, art, or music. Our vision for this group is to practice dream interpretation together. What is the unconscious pointing out to us?
November 30, 2021/by Luka

Building Grit & Resilience Support Group

In this group, we will address challenges that we long to accomplish and explore how we embrace and walk towards or away from accomplishing those challenges each week.
November 30, 2021/by Luka

Grief Support Group

Grief is a part of being human, and can feel isolating. But, you don’t have to grieve alone. We will create a safe space together, to authentically explore the grief within us, however it looks today.
November 30, 2021/by Luka

Art, Creativity and Process Group

Let's connect and make art together as a weekly practice. We will set aside 1.5 hours every week to explore ourselves within a project and then share what we created and experienced.
November 30, 2021/by Luka

Kids Meditation

Offering short meditations for our littles. Mediation will focus on gratitude, connecting with feelings. exploring the present moment, love meditations, empowerment meditations ect. Feel free to email us for specific requests on meditation topics. 
November 30, 2021/by Luka

Couples and Non Violent Communication – 10 Week Crash Course

Let's explore ways to communicate and share our truths with one another. Learn Non violent communication techniques, how to listen and deeper ways to connect. This group will give us spaciousness to share our truths and learn how we are being heard.
November 30, 2021/by Luka

Postpartum Family Support Group for Parents, Partners and their Babies

Transitioning into parenthood can be unique and challenging.  This support group is to hold space for your parenting journey.
November 30, 2021/by Luka

Mommy and Me Art Group

Let’s make art together with our kids and deepen our connection with each other.  It will be a fun group of art and singing songs as well as sharing our art with our friends in the group. 
November 30, 2021/by Luka

Write to Heal Group

This is an experiential therapy group aimed to use writing to facilitate healing, balance, and insight.
November 28, 2021/by Luka

Let us introduce ourselves

A few words about us

The Liberation Institute is a grassroots non-profit mental health organization based in San Francisco. We are co-created by counselors, psychotherapists, mindfulness teachers, artists and activists from the community we serve. The aim is to fill what we see as gaps in the availability of easily accessible professional support for issues related to mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

We strive daily to meet that mission with a fresh, open minded, compassionate, inclusive, and creative approach.

Liberation for Everyone

How do we do it?

Our inclusive model embraces the full range of diversity in San Francisco, from technology executives to economically disadvantaged people. Those who can contribute the higher levels of our sliding scale help to cover the cost of services for those who have less. We receive all who come with equal compassion under our motto “liberation for all” and with the understanding that someone who can pay a little bit more is helping themselves by helping others.

The rest of our considerable operating expenses are covered by grants and donations from generous individuals and organizations who understand the true value of our work and wish to support our efforts.